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Tibetan Mala with Coral & Turquoise


Tibetan Mala with Coral & Turquoise


Tibetan Mala w/ Jade & Blue Agate and Silver  Om Pendant  


Tibetan Mala w/ Blue Agate & Lapis Lazuli


Tibetan Mala w/ Lapis Lazuli & Quartz and Double-Dorje Gold Vermeil Pendant


Tibetan Mala w/ Carnelian & Reticulated Quartz and Gold-Vermiel Beads


Tibetan Mala w/ Jade & Carnelian and Green Tara Silver Pendant




Our Tibetan friend Yeko using a Tibetan Bodhi Seed Mala

A Mala is used for "counting" out mantras.

Traditionally, you repeat your chosen mantra, either out loud or silently, and count one bead at a time until you get to the Guru bead (the one at the top that has the thread coming out of it). When you reach the Guru bead, pause for a moment and reflect on your Guru and the intention of your mala practice, then turn the mala around and repeat the process counting back the other way. In this way you do not cross over the Guru bead.


When not being used to count mantras, Tibetans traditionally wear their mala around their neck or around their left wrist.


Traditional Tibetan Turquoise and Coral Mala worn on the wrist