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The following excerpts are from emails and letters sent by some of our wonderful customers. . .

"Their collection of beautifully potent 'Tools for an Enlightened World' offer lovers of sound, healing, art, yoga and Dharma to have a one-stop place to receive authentic tools and guidance for enhancing their path.

Their Tibetan tiger meditation rug has been my constant companion on the road and at home for storing the energy of meditation sadhana. I love their bowls for shavasana in yoga class and for during teacher training to call our awareness into the present moment. 

Thank you Shakti for being a healing source in the world!"

Shiva Rea
Yogini and Yoga Teacher

Shiva Rea using a Tibetan singing bowl for chanting in a yoga class at Exhale in Venice, California

Shiva Rea using one of our antique
Tibetan singing bowls in her yoga class at
Exhale, Center for Sacred Movement

Venice, CA

"I have worked with sound and music as a healing tool for thirty years, and have succeeded in integrating music as a healing modality in the health services, through several projects in nursing homes, hospitals and communities.

For many years, in self-healing workshops and in my private practice as a M.D., I have been interested in the healing potential of Tibetan singing bowls, and explored their uses to aid change in chronic health problems. However, I have had difficulties finding singing bowls of sufficient quality to attain the results I saw possible. I have obtained bowls with a consistent quality level that is transforming my practice. The quality of the Bodhisattva bowls is becoming legendary in Norway, and I have a growing number of requests from other countries, from patients who want me to find singing bowls with specific qualities. I can build this aspect of my work in the trust that I can give people only the best of the best, through the rigorous quality routines of Bodhisattva. In my experience, it is far better to buy one prime quality bowl than several cheaper ones of lower quality, which simply will not work in the same way."

Audun M., M.D.
 Idrettsv, NORWAY

Hi Shakti -

The bowls arrived safely on Thursday and my son and I were able to open and admire them Saturday night.  The bigger bowl is exquisite, just a you promised.  I was able to immediately and easily get a beautiful tone off the rim — I can now see why people get excited about better quality bowls!  

I also love your written instructions. Reading them has greatly improved how I play my original bowl.  I had done a fairly good job of figuring out how to rim it, based on the sparse advice from the shop clerk.  But with the new tips from you, how to vary the variables, and especially how to learn from the bowl, it is singing now better than ever.

My son, AJ, had me get my original bowl, then set up the three together.  We figured out that they sound great together too.

Thank you so much for you help!

One more fun update:  it was my spirit guides who recommended that I get a root chakra singing bowl to help smooth the way for my new patients.  Apparently it started working en route, because between ordering it and it arriving, I got three new patient inquiries!  

Best Wishes,

Stephanie S.
Lincoln, MA

Namaste Shakti,

OH MY GOD!!  I just got the triad.  I let them acclimate in my office for a bit after unpackaging them.  Then i played them.  They are so sublime and are just a beautiful triad.  I cannot put into words how happy I am that you convinced me to take them as a set.  They have a wonderful healing harmony and they will get their debut with my regular meditation group in the next couple of weeks.  I was going to use a bowl from the set you built around that double blue thadobati bowl for my patients.  Instead I believe i am going to use this triad.  If I were anymore excited i would scream.  Thank you Thank you Thank you right back at you(i read your card).  This is such a lovely set even the feng shui of them sitting together on my desk right now just takes my breath away.  

The one with the sacred geometry looks like or reminds me of tantric geometry.  If you know anything about this y shape on the bowl that i can use a key word search please let me know as I would like to find what i can about it.  You really did do me a big favor by letting me get them as a set.  I am so grateful to you. 

Thank you again and may your journey be ever blessed,

Richard M.
Delmar, NY

Hello Shakti,

I picked up the bowls just in last minute before a month journey into the desert of Egypt. The bowls have been with me during the journey and I've had time to go deeper into the presence of the bowls.

The Buddha bowl sounds just fantastic - and it's such a joy to be embraced by the rich soundscape it creates.

The lingam bowl is more a mystery with a very different sound than any of my other bowls. It took me some time to connect with it. I find the bowl quite challenging and it has a strong masculine presence. It feels like it is pointing to a state of mind or an attitude that seems very direct and straight to the point without illusions, dreams or fantasies. The sound is sometimes very physical at point inside the back of my head. Sometimes there is a feeling of a teacher or a teaching in this bowl - that really is priceless.

Just want to say thank you for your help bringing those treasures into my life.

Love and Light.

Eirik B.

"I love my new bell! It’s already made a home with me and is singing so beautifully. And thanks again for taking so much time with us yesterday. . . I feel like quite the accomplished bell ringer now."

Janice O.
Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA

"I’m still awe-struck by the bowls you sent me. I really don’t know what to say, the bells are so beautiful! I have no words to express my joy. I want to thank you so much."

Don R.
Laguna Beach, CA

"My husband recently bought me the most beautiful singing bowl for my birthday from you! I am writing to tell you I love it. It has an exquisite sound! Thank you for helping him make this choice! Again thank you for the gift of your work and making these treasures available to the rest of us!"

Charlyn R.
Helena, MT

"Thank you for the wonderful Vajrasattva Yab-Yum. Your follow-up letter and information were so informative. It now sits as the centerpiece of my home alter and has brought many blessings my way – Thanks again and keep me on your mailing list."

Neil M., O.D.
Santa Barbara, CA

"I have several antique Tibetan singing bowls from Bodhisattva, and they are all amazing. I have chosen bowls by my visceral response to them. The recordings on their web site have been extremely accurate. When I've gone in to pick up a bowl, it has matched every time. (I had wondered about this when I was first looking at bowls on-line, before I went down and heard some.)

This, combined with a large inventory and the extreme helpfulness of the owners have kept me coming back. If you'd like to put together a set they can help you with that. In fact, I've really valued the education they provide about the bowls since I'm not a musician.  I am drawn to them from a sound healing perspective.

The depth of sound and the multiple notes produced by the singing bowls help me relax, clear my chakras, clear out old energy, and help me feel connected to the Universe. Their antiquity and beauty has affected me more than I thought it could--I feel their history and I feel like a guardian for them.

Since I started playing them I have been inspired to start chanting and singing notes along with the bowls, maybe even create some kind of sound collage? I've never been a singer, never liked my voice even, so this just astounds me. These bowls are bringing new adventures and joy into my life.

If you are shopping for singing bowls, I highly recommend checking out Bodhisattva."

Kathryn D.
Granada Hills, CA

"I did get the package you so carefully prepared. Needless to say, the vibration of the whole house is totally transformed by these marvelous items you sent me.

I am so grateful to you I cannot say. These are very very high frequency tools that carry with them the love and devotion of many generations of spiritually.

I am in your service. Please bare in mind that should you come across other very special tools from you journeys to the East, I would appreciate having a chance, among all your devoted clients, at reviewing some of them for purchase."

Kent C.
Nashville, TN

"Sometimes it’s a leap of faith . . . or a hop. Arriving home late Wednesday I unwrapped and played the three bowls. They sung so sweetly and clearly from the first touch. Thank you for the gateway. Namaste."

Claudia P.
Honolulu, HI

"Thank you for your phone demo. I really appreciate your service. You can be proud of the help you give people on their spiritual search."

Neil L.
San Andreas, CA

"I was drawn to the singing bowls at the Buddhism in America Conference and found myself coming back to their uplifting energy at every break. I played them, listened to them, and was instructed by them. The sound is familiar, nurturing, expanding, spacious. Little did I know that these marvelous instruments could be used as tools for transformation. By spending time in Rain's presence, I learned some of the ancient secrets of meditating with the bowls. By the end of the conference, I had a workshop's worth of experience. For me, it was the highlight of three outstanding days at an unsurpassed conference."

Dianna N.
Boulder, CO

Hello Shakti!

My Pentatonic set just arrived and I simply had to let you know how much I love these bowls!  (and all of my colleagues concur!)

Their beautiful sounds when struck, their easy and melodious stick play, their long resonance – everything I look for in a singing bowl is found in each one of these five gorgeous bowls. 

What a treat these are going to be to play, both for myself and, hopefully, in healing settings around Ottawa – this being an important part of my pre- and post-retirement plans. 

All I can say is thank you – these are such a wonderful gift.

Warm regards,


Ontario, Canada