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The following excerpts are from emails and letters sent by some of our wonderful customers. . .

"Bodhisattva bowls are the best! I use their bowls exclusively for my Healing Concerts and Sacred Sound Sessions. Their bowls are also featured on my new CD release Tibetan Fusion. Such great people to work with."

Kenny Parker MTI, Sound Healer
Austin, TX

“I have been attracted to the Tibetan Singing Bowl (also known as Tibetan bell) all of my adult life. However, it has only been in this last year that I finally obtained that first magical bowl. I obtained it under extremely unlikely circumstances from a complete stranger that I just met while standing in a Post Office line in order to mail a letter to India.

This stranger ended up selling me her own personal singing bowl out of the trunk of her car for a mere $40. This one bowl became a dramatic gateway in its aural qualities to my own intimate inner self. It was the first time in my life that I could almost effortlessly bring the voice out of a bowl by rubbing its rim (something that had escaped me up to this point).

From that point on I pursued bowl after bowl from many sources (Tibetan importers, Tibetan stores within my own vicinity, the massive bid structure of ebay, and specialty stores selling authentic Tibetan bells that I discovered on the Internet).

Then I had the good fortune of discovering Rain and Shakti through an Internet search engine. Their website was very compelling. The most endearing thing for me was the interview Rain posted concerning the possible "real" import of the bells themselves (i.e., as a doorway to the Tibetan doctrine of emptiness).

Shakti intimately worked with me over months in assembling a full set of 7 chakra bells. I have just received this marvelous set of bells, and their beauty, majesty and mystery have compelled me to write this testimonial.

First off, Rain is an ultimate connoisseur of the Tibetan bell without compare. His ability to select bowls of absolute master level quality is beyond anything I have experienced with any other importer. It is telling that he has been working in the field for so many years, and is obviously a pioneer in matching bowls together to form a most powerful working set.

The moment I opened my box from Rain and Shakti, I was enveloped in an utterly magical spell wrought from the unique voices of 7 transcendental bells. The first bowl that I placed in my hand and struck reverberated with a purity that was beyond anything my collection of 20 bowls could produce. Each bowl that Shakti matched together played so well off one another. At one point I was able to release the voices of all 7 bells almost simultaneously, and the web of sound generated was beyond compare.

The effect of working with these bells was so strong the first night, that when I was finally able to pull myself away from the set after hours of effortlessly bringing out their voices, I found myself spontaneously breaking into song. I do chant on a daily basis, but these special bells made me sing their own octave way after I sounded the last bell. I even found myself waking up the next day and immediately singing, my voice in intimation of the bells own voices.

These 7 bells are the crown of my collection, and are so purely matched that I cannot in all honesty blend them with my others. My other bells would only detract from the power that these lone 7 bells hold in potential.

The age of my set dated back from the 17th through the 19th century. They are one and all truly marvelous spiritual relics from the most potent matrix of spirituality that the world has ever seen. Their individual prices are comparable to all the other high quality bowls in my collection, but they far outshine the best of the rest of my collection.

Truly these 7 bells have become my most precious treasure that my personal spiritual path in this lifetime has revealed to my inner self.

Thank you Rain and Shakti for allowing me the opportunity to receive such a marvelous gift of the spirit.”

David Allen Hulse

Author of: The Eastern Mysteries,
The Western Mysteries,
New Dimensions for the Cube of Space

Sacramento, CA

"Thank you so much for the latest addition to my marvelous singing bowl collection from your magical house of bowls-- my stunning Mani Bowl, indeed the jewel of my collection. No words can express my gratitude to you for my singing bowls which add so much to my life by quieting my mind, healing and connecting me with higher self, detaching me from ego and the world. I feel very blessed to have this spiritual dimension in my life at my fingertips. Thank you!"

Barbara H.
Santa Barbara, CA

"The bowls have arrived !!!!!

Yep, this is one happy puppy. Thank you so much for finding me such a wonderful set, they feel very energized and happy to be here and in-fact a few of the bowls starting singing as I was just trying to get them out of the wrapping. That's never happened before to me, so that's a good sign all is well. I was worried that the bowls would maybe not warm to me, but I have just played them and I feel a truly deep and spiritual life long relationship will blossom with my bowls.

I'm going to give my partner a sound bath tonight, so she can be the first to experience them, inside of my set.

I will let you know how I get on in the near future, I will be spending some time with my bowls to get to know them and their specific strengths and how they like to be used. I will also be taking them to Malta for a weeks retreat, so they'll like it over there I reckon.

Thank you so much again, I feel very honored to of made contact with you and hopefully we will do more business in the near future."

Michael B.

"I've been using my bowl in my healing arts practice for almost a year now. My clients find it transforming, and deeply relaxing. I always notice that it opens people up to emptiness, and the expansiveness of pristine primordial awareness. I also use it with the folks I see in hospice. It seems to give them a bridge of sound that I believe from experiencing their reactions to be a great help in the stages of the dissolution process. You may recall that my parents purchased the bowl for me. It is a great gift in my life every day. Thank You!"

John V.
Omaha, NE

"Each day as I listen to the soothing sounds of the music you sent to me, I think to thank you.
I actually took the two disks with me to listen to during acupuncture and I think they were both lovely and helpful. You told me you are not sure of how one might use them for healing, but in my experience, the relaxation they bring is a great comfort.
You have contributed to my healing, and I am deeply grateful."

Judy A.
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much for your knowledgeable assistance in choosing yet another wonderful bowl. I have been using my first bowl in all the yoga classes I have taught since receiving it many months ago. My students are fascinated by it and love hearing it played. I can feel the profound affect it has during restorative poses particularly. I have also done sound/ vibrational healing work on myself and others. The healing energy that it brings to all who experience it is quite remarkable.

And with the addition of the newest bowl the energy is exponentially magnified. The two bowls played together, and used together on someone in a healing setting, produces a sense of balance and a magical serenity.

Thank you so much for your care and patience in helping me choose these beautiful bowls, and for making them available. Rest assured that they are cherished and their healing is being felt in Nashville and beyond.”

Karen H. E., Yoga Teacher
Nashville, TN

"I received the medicine Buddha rupa. He is absolutely magnificent. The details on this piece are incredibly beautiful including his face and robes, the lotus he is sitting on and the herb and nectar he is holding. My sangha/family is equally impressed with the high quality of this rupa, and of course, in our awe, we are all trying to practice loving detachment to this unique piece of art.

Again, I want to thank both of you for your patience and diligence in finding this special rupa for me. I will most definitely recommend you to anyone who might be interested in high quality statues, and should I want another different rupa in the future I would certainly ask for your services again.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Eva J.
Mays Landing, NJ

Howard Wills, Master Healer
(Receiving a sound healing treatment from his wife, Ahava.)
Anahola, HI


"I looked on and off for a Tibetan singing bowl since first discovering them in 1982. I almost bought several over the years, but somehow never found just the right one. Fast forward to 2002 and my discovery of Bodhisattva Trading Company. I bought my first two, sight unseen, over the phone. My husband and I are now sharing our home with five of these sacred vessels/instruments. We feel truly blessed to have the bowls as part of our everyday lives.

I am a psychotherapist and sometimes use the bowls in my private practice to help anchor work that clients do in session. I also use them to project prayers for planetary healing. And, of course, they are wonderful tools for centering.

I feel as if I do not really "own" these bowls, but am their steward during my lifetime. Bodhisattva Trading Company's bowls cannot even be compared in quality to the other Tibetan bowls I've seen and heard. In fact, the quality is so good that I have consciously had to limit myself to just 5 bowls so that the bowls themselves did not become an exercise in "grasping" and "attachment" for me.

Thank you, Rain, Shakti, and your wonderful staff.


Susan C.
Montara, CA

"Thanks for adding these bowls to the great collection you're helping us build (what can I say, I'm speechless!). The fact that you send such great bowls our way leaves us thankful that you think of us."

Karl & Bev B.
Shelton, WA

"I'd like to thank you for the time you spent last night helping me pick out the two bowls. You clearly love your work and are very knowledgeable. Thanks also for your patience-- there was no pressure and you spent a great deal of time explaining about the bowls and their characteristics. I can safely say I have never enjoyed myself so much when shopping."

Tom N.
London, Ontario, CANADA

"I just received the bowl today. And it is absolutely a thing of beauty on every level. I only wish I had the words to describe its effect, and of course I've just barely begun to work with it, so time will tell.

Thank you again for all your patience and expert guidance in helping me to make the choice. I shall do my best to honor its teachings, be a faithful steward, and keep it in good hands until it is time for it be passed on, many years from now. Namaste,"

Deborah P.

Point Pleasant, PA

"I can't say enough about these bowls. It changed my son's life. I bought a bowl "tuned to" the heart chakra for my 10 year old son who hasn't slept through the night ever and who always had a hard time going to sleep.

I bought the bowl to help stimulate the alpha waves in his brain-- to help him relax. Within 1 week of nightly playing, he was sleeping through the night. When we don't play for more than a few nights his sleeping is interrupted. He asks for it nightly and because I play the bowl I also benefit. I bought another for my younger son this year."

Paula G.
Chicago, IL

"I can't tell you how much I am enjoying the bowls. Well, I suppose you have some idea, since you work with the little Buddhas every day. So, this is what I am doing with them for now - just to get their energies incorporated into what I do. When clients come in, they are put on a Chi Machine to balance chakras, oxygenate the system, align the spine and stimulate the lymph system in the small intestine. At the end of the time, I do a quick Reiki pass to discover imbalances that will at this point become more obvious. I have been having a delightful time using the bowls to realign and/or open challenged chakras quickly by toning the appropriate bowl. We are soooo happy together, the bowls and I. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rev. Teresa W., Body Detox Systems
Atlanta, GA

"Estimado Sr. Lluvia,

Am enjoying very much the beautiful bowl you had envisioned for me. Penecostr undoes the jumble of spoken languages- this lovely bowl sings to ALL hearts.

God bless you!"

Father Alonso De Blass, O.F.M.
Phonenix, AZ

"I've been using my bowl in my healing arts practice for almost a year now. My Clients find it transforming and deeply relaxing. I always notice that it opens people up to emptiness, and the expansiveness of pristine primordial awareness. I also use it with the folks I see in hospice. It seems to give them a bridge of sound that I believe, from experiencing their reactions, to be a great help in the stages of the dissolution process. You may recall that my parents purchased the bowl for me. It is a great gift in my life every day. Thank you!"

John Valentine
Omaha, NE

"The set of singing bowls I purchased through Bodhisattva Trading Company have been with me only for a short period of time. In this time they have become an integral part of my life. As I sit down with them I am guided by their wisdom. They're not just friends, they are great teachers. A beautiful relationship has been established. Thank you!"

Sandra S., Vibrational and Sound Healer
Reseda, CA

"The bowls have just arrived and with incense burning (thank you for your gift), and a special candle alight, I opened the packages.

Son and I love the bowls, They are wonderful and you excelled in your choosing according to our needs. They feel wonderful and the sounds are all excellent. They are sitting on their cushions on the table where we usually eat. (My adult son works away from home a lot, so I am glad he is here to share the beginning of our learning of the bowls. He also is very appreciative of them, explaining various aspects about them. I feel each bowl to be a distinct personality and I look forward to getting to know them. I wondered about them before they arrived, if I would need to cleanse them, energetically, But I don't feel anything of that nature is needed. I feel that they are even now bringing their own special gifts to us and the house, and I will enjoy taking them with me where I go. As you can tell I love them, and they are indeed replying even now to special needs.

(I had not been feeling at all well with a severe neck/shoulder problem. I feel a great deal better already.)

I thank you with all my heart for your help in choosing the bowls for us, all of us who will benefit, from hearing their voices. And as I listen and play them I am and will ever be conscious of the people who made the bowls, the metals that were gathered, the people who have carried the bowls and who have been healed in many various ways over the centuries and in far away places. I feel that the bowls bring us all together in their sounds, the makers and the hearers. Time and place become one for me. I did not expect this to happen.

Thank you, Blessings,"

Eleaor B.
Rochester, MN

"Most likely you do not remember me but oh what a gift you have given me in my 16th Century BODHI bowl (6 1/4'). Back in December I contacted you regarding the purchase of a Tibetan Singing Bowl as a gift to myself for practice. Shakti: YOU were amazing in playing bowls for me, your patience, information, and willingness to work with me were a Blessing.

Now I am using it in teaching, giving several talks and retreats, people keep asking, WHERE did you get that? So I am sending people to you as the sound is mesmerizing for folks. In teaching and using this bowl the deep sweet resonance is so clearly apparent. I didn't hear it at first and now I do.

So be prepared as I've told folks around the country where I've purchased my bowl- may the word spread and enrich your company. One good blessing enlarges the next...

Thank you again for this tremendous gift..."

Holly N.-J.
Wilmette, IL

"I just want to tell you how thrilled I am with my new bowls and what a pleasure it was meeting you and doing business with you. It really felt like I was in the presence of the Goddess as you ever so patiently assisted me to find "my bowls" and didn't once let on in the slightest that you wished I would just get on with it already.

I haven't even unwrapped them yet but I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve anticipating the incredible bounty awaiting me upon awakening. You offer a money back guarantee, which is very generous these days, especially considering the small size of your business, but rest assured I won't be returning them. I have no doubt your expert ear, with the help of your little electronic frequency meter, helped me to pick out a set of finely tuned instruments for transformation and transcendence which even his Holiness the Dalai Lama himself would be proud of."

Andy G.
San Francisco, CA

"I received Rain's CD "One Hand Clapping" within the past week. I've been a professional writer, and yet have no words to describe the experience. Each night I enter my own garden of meditation and awake more refreshed than I have in years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Delight K.
Ocala, FL

"I just wanted to let you folks know that I have received the singing bowl. It is everything that I imagined it to be.

The first night of having the bowl, had helped me to sleep like I have never slept before.

My main use of the bowl is to be able to meditate on a balanced note to try an overcome my insomnia. It has been quite a few years (twenty to be exact) since I have been able to sleep that good.

My daughter (who is six years of age) seems to have mastered the bowl. She enjoys it as much as I do.

Thank you so much for the help in choosing a singing bowl. I hope to make it a family heirloom starting with my daughter."

Brian K.
Navarre, FL

"I received my thangka today, thank you for shipping it so swiftly. I rushed over to the mailboxes as soon as I knew it had arrived. Upon opening just the top of the tube, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. I was right.

ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!! Thank you so much for putting such care into this. It truly is an amazing piece, incredibly rich color and detail, can’t wait to hang it tonight! If any of you are ever in Big Sur, I’d love to buy you a cup of tea or whatever is appropriate, and of course you are always welcome to visit Mahakala!!


A very happy customer-"

Levi D.
Monterey, CA

"I recently purchased a gift certificate for my friend Dave S. His 60th birthday gift. He just received his bowl on Saturday and gonged it for me over the phone. Magnifique!

Wanted to thank you for the time y'all spent with him on the phone during his selection process. He told me y'all were Aces!

Thank you, and Namaste,"

Ralph M.
Miami, FL

"I wanted to thank you for all the lovely bowls that I have purchased from you. You always take the time to play them for me and describe them to me. It's very much appreciated.

I think you are the best and look forward to more purchases in the future.


Nancy D.
Plymouth, MI

"I really appreciate the fact that you chose a specific bowl for me and there is no doubt that my partner is going to absolutely love this bowl too. I was trying to figure for some months what present I was going to give, and then this just came out right on top-- it's beautiful, spiritual and something one can use for many years to come.

With this, I must add that your service, concern and follow [through], is just so professional and 'personal'.

Kind regards,"

Gail H.

"I own and operate 3 Shapes Aikido in Boise Idaho. I came across your website doing research for a quality gong and singing bowl. I purchased a gong and a singing bowl a few months ago for your company.

First let me state that the service I received from you and Shakti was immeasurable to say the least. She was very busy with a new shipment yet was able to pick up the phone to say hello and let me know how busy she was at the moment.

I mentioned I was looking for a gong for my Aikido Dojo and Dharma and Zen practices. I know deeply quality gongs are difficult to find. However, I also knew that if there was any place to find one it was BTC. And I was correct.

They had exactly the gong I wanted. The time Rain gave to me on the phone explaining the gong, the quality, and the sound over the phone was at a deeply spiritual level.

The same service was received from Shakti when I wanted to buy a singing bowl. I also play a didgeridoo and wanted something to match the sound of my didgeridoo. Not knowing much about the science of music and singing bowls in general, Shakti took the lead and made me feel very comfortable. She asked many questions about who I am and what I was desiring in a singing bowl. She asked questions I never thought of. I would play my didgeridoo then she would hit a gong, listen, and then isolate the bowls she thought best for me. The level of trust was incredible.

The bowl and gong have been used at the dojo and Dharma ceremonies with great appreciation. Everyone was amazed at the quality of the gong and bowls appearance and sound.

Both are used as meditation instruments as we grow in Aikido, Dharma, and Zen. The children and teens in the dojo are especially fond of the singing bowl. They often ask for me to let it sing. And we just sit and enjoy what it has to offer. Both the gong and the bowl are deep facets of our Aikido training.

I cannot express enough how grateful I and my students are to the service you offer. You are truly making a difference in the world with the depth and quality of your intention, your products, your service, and your person as a whole.

It is an honor and privilege to know you and do business with you.

Deepest Thanks,"

Alejandro Anastasio, Sensei
3 Shapes Aikido
Boise, ID

“Hello Rain, I wanted to tell you another amazing thing about this bowl. It is the first bowl I have ever heard in which every single one of the harmonics (which in this case is at least eight) is in perfect tune with the primary note. Usually the first harmonic is close to a perfect fifth above the primary tone, and then the other harmonics are random notes that aren’t in the same scale as the primary tone. With this bowl, all of the harmonics are perfectly tuned in the same scale. They all add up to an immense F-minor chord that is absolutely stunning. The tone is just out of this world. I like to strike it with a felt-wrapped stick to open up all the harmonics, then hit it with a large soft gong mallet that turns on the deep bass. It is the universal Ohm, simply sublime. Thank you again for your help in connecting me with this fabulous bowl.

Cheers from Seattle,”

Chris J.
Seattle, WA

"The set of Chocolate Patina Tibetan Bowls arrived this morning; I could hardly wait to open the package! I was so impressed by the packaging; everything was packed securely and wrapped to protect my precious bowls. As I unwrapped each of the bowls, I was in awe of the beauty of the Chocolate Patina; each bowl glimmered like mosaic gold in my hands. When I played each bowl, their tone was pure and clear. It was amazing that each bowl played so easily and their tones were like silken notes melding together in harmony.

I thank all of you at Bodhisattva for the time and patience in working with me to find a set that is more than a perfect match; it is a beautiful marriage between me and the bowls."

"Bodhisattva Tibetan/Himalayan bowls have a profound effect in calming an individual and the potential in balancing the energy of the meridians and chakras of an individual in the skilled hands of a sound healer. The Tibetan/Himalayan bowls of Bodhisattva are representational of true and accurate sound quality, esthetically beautiful, and authentically accurate. In all my purchases of Bodhisattva Tibetan/Himalayan bowls, I have experienced a depth and breath of sound and quality that I have not been able to experience in any other Tibetan/Himalayan bowl.

In particular, the sound energies emitted from these bowls allow the balancing of energies at various levels. As a Usui, Karuna and Lightarian Reiki Master and Teacher, I have found that Bodhisattva Tibetan/Himalayan bowls produce a resonance capable of entraining similar vibratory rates found in Usui and Karuna Reiki. My clients have expressed the profound effects of the Bodhisattva Tibetan/Himalayan bowls, after I have completed a Reiki session, and then followed up immediately with a similar resonance in the bowls. The consistency of the bowls to entrain to the vibration frequency of Reiki, and continue the profound energy balancing is paramount in promoting wholeness.

As a Therapeutic Harpist (TMus-CTHP), Sound Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master-Teacher, I have found Bodhisattva Tibetan/Himalayan bowls useful as mediators for energy throughout the body; their tones elicit support for and energetic balancing of physical, emotional, and spiritual functioning as well as energy balancing. The overtones produced by these bowls can be discerned even in the subtle energy layers of the body; just as ripples on the water can be seen – the sound ripples can be felt as they soothe and balance a person with their exquisite vibrational frequency and song from year’s past."

Cynthy J., TMus-CTHP
Therapeutic Musician
Certified Therapeutic Harpist
Professional Harpist
Reiki Master – Teacher
Sound Healing Practitioner
Richmond, VA

"Namaste Shakti,

Yes, I did receive both a few hours ago. Both are just unbelievable! There are really no words to describe this experience. I have been acquainting myself with their energy. The bell I took out to my VW to cleanse my car just had it serviced yesterday. I can't believe the quality of that bell...the reverberating sounds. It has very sweet energy and is unusual looking in patina color. The bowl of course is so serene and grounding. The sound sustain if very long. It truly is precious and the beautiful cushion sets it off very nicely. Interesting that it is third eye/sacral chakra. It will be interesting to see the transmutation of my energy in working with it. I am very happy with them both and am excited to welcome them into my home amongst all my crystals, YL essential oils and stones. It was meant to be.

Yesterday, a sharp shinned hawk landed on my fence and stayed for quite some time... and then the timing of the bowl/bell to arrive.

Thank you for all of your help and insight. I'm glad you called back and we talked, because I may have waited a bit longer.

Still very much interested in a high quality throat chakra bowl. Please keep me posted.

My prayer is that the bowls manifest themselves to Rain for a very long time to come. They are very important for healing.

P.S. Your packaging on this shipment was exquisite. The bowl and bell were very well protected."


Leeh M.
Perryburg, OH

"Thank you for my singing bowl. I am enjoying it just as much as my cat Princi. The sound blew me away the first time I played it. It is truly amazing. I am a clinical psychologist who mainly works with adolescents, and I can't wait to use my singing bowl to center them at the beginnings of groups! I have seen it used before and they keep asking to "bowl it" time and time again. I have to say though, my bowl's quality and sound surpasses any others bowls I have heard and seen, making it SO worth the investment! I am also beginning to become a certified yoga instructor and am excited to incorporate the bowl with my classes and within my own personal yoga practice.

Thank you so much. I am forever grateful for my bowl!!


Stacey T. (and her cat "Princi")
Brentwood, CA


"I would like to take just a minute of your time to thank you for offering such a precious and wondrous singing bowl, packing and shipping it so securely. The bowl is truly a message of love and stillness for many, many years and people.

Love and thanks,"

Barbara P.
Front Royal, VA

"I received my bowl #5033 last week. I am so VERY DELIGHTED with the sound and the overall quality and pureness of it!

It is a very special gift to have in our home, and I try and play it every day. It has a sustain of over 2 minutes! It was a real splurge for me to purchase a bowl of such high quality, but I was drawn to it over and over and am so glad I did!!!

Really! It's phenomenal! Thanks so much for all of your hard work seeking out these wonderful artifacts!


Neal P.
Lancaster, PA

"My therapist used the Singing Bowls during a biofeedback session for migraines. I stopped the session part way through, and practically in tears, I told him that was the most beautiful sound. No voice, no rhythm to a sound, no humming. These are distractions. liken it to the ocean. Very tranquil. I asked him the info on the CD and ordered one. It's the only one I play. Bravo!"

Fran W.

"I love my set! It is just beautiful and so perfect for me. (Also want you to know that my kitty cat, Maude, can't get enough of them either! She was all over me while I was listening to the recording!)

Thank you for all that you have done to produce this wonderful, beautiful family of Tibetan bowls, Shakti! I am very grateful.


Kate S.

Medford, MA

"The bowls arrived today via a very smiley UPS driver.

Since the moment of unpacking and lovingly caressing the first bowl with a mallet, I have been in what i can only (feebly) attempt to describe as a blissful immersion into a state whence comes the susurrus from the muses.


Thank you"

Rick Redcay
Tampa Bay, FL

"Recently I have become enamored with the extraordinary vibratory qualities of Tibetan Bowls. With lovely Shakti’s astute knowledge and Bodhisattva Trading Company providing the remarkable bowls I’ve been able to satisfy this impulse.

Coinciding with this attraction has been the desire to explore the sonic properties of the ancient percussion instruments of Asia and the Middle East. As a consequence of this foray into the characteristics of each, I’d stumbled unto the fact that when listening to these vibrations with focus, a heightened sense of expansion was often the result and when listened to in conjunction with each other this transformation of consciousness was profound.

So perhaps it should have been no surprise when asked to provide a few music cues for the ground breaking Lewis Black ‘Red, White and Screwed’ Special, the only thought was to employ these very sounds.

The power of the bowls was evident upon the first run-through in the studio. And strangely, the choice of the three bowls themselves and the manner in which they were utilized just seemed to happen of its on accord. Either as a drone providing a tonal center for the drums to revolve around or as at the end of the final cue; the sound of a bowl being struck was inverted and spliced onto the track ‘front to back’ (as Shakti mentioned about that particular bowl, “…it sounds like the Mother Ship coming home!”) the result was a very compelling soundscape.

Perhaps no other illustration is needed to demonstrate the effects of listening to a Tibetan Bowl then this photo of the smiling duo."

Rick Redcay
Tampa Bay, FL

"My Bowl Has Arrived!

Dear Rain and Shakti,

My wonderful bowl arrived yesterday and I can't thank you enough. It will be a treasure for life, and all it took was a phone call. I described what I was looking for to Shakti and she called me back within half an hour with the perfect bowl that surpassed my wildest imaginings. It's almost impossible to describe what a blessing this whole experience has been. In this frantic, digital age, to talk to a living human who listens with care and the skill to fulfill a dream so seamlessly....well, you've heard it before and I am simply the newest acolyte singing your praises. :)

I think the biggest surprise was in how long the sustained tone continues. Even after the last stroke or tap I can hear the the pure, clear tone murmuring within the bowl for many long moments, as if it were issuing from the depths of the earth itself. That, to me, is the signature of a truly superior work of art, which these bowls are.

Thank you both so much again. I just feel unbelievably lucky to have found your website and to be the guardian of such an amazing object. Best wishes always."

Don M.

San Francisco, CA

"The singing bowl, number 5028, arrived on time, and was obviously packed with care and caution. I was rather surprised, after initially being overjoyed at its beauty, that I was filled with a deep sadness; what misfortune led to a treasure such as this being separated from a family line, which I suspect, has treasured it for many generations. I took the bowl in my hands and played it. What an amazing experience!

I picked this particular bowled intuitively, after searching for one for almost 30 years, and listening to the MP 3 sound sample you include of it on your website. After my first exposure to these amazing artifacts in the early 70s, I was immediately aware that they have, what one might call "unique characteristics," but I was totally unprepared for my experiences over the next two days! At first my sadness deepened as I became more aware of the value of this treasure. An Epiphany ended my sadness. I was overwhelmed with an intuitive certainty that I had, not only heard this bowl before, but also played it! My sadness vanished.

I came to the Dharma rather late in this life, but intuitively recognized that I was no stranger to the three jewels. And now, wonder of wonders, a treasure has left its homeland, crossed the great Ocean, only to come home to one who has long treasured it! The universe is truly an amazing place.

Thank you, and may you always find refuge in the three jewels."

Damon N.

Lavale, MD

"I now have 10 antique singing bowls from Bodhisattva and the collection continues to grow.

I am a professional musician so I did a lot of research looking for the best sounding bowls I could find. To my ears Bodhisattva consistently delivers the most sonically rich, complex, and energetically moving selection of bowls I've heard from a dealer.

Rain Gray not only has great discernment in choosing the bowls he sells, he spends lots of time in the region from which these bowls emanate. Since he lives there, he makes several extended trips a year to the region and has for over three decades evidently. As a result, he has forged relationships with local dealers which offer him access to some of the finest examples of these beautiful antiques compared to what I've heard offered from other sources.

Bodhisattva's recordings truly reflect the bowl's sonic qualities and are actually useful to preview online. There are no "surprises" that the bowl you are getting sounds nothing like the recording you're hearing, or the picture you're seeing for that matter. I have seen their studio space and met their professional engineer myself when picking up my bowls in person and they are top notch. They make the extra effort of capturing more of the bowl's subtleties and complexities as much as any recording can. They also provide multiple examples of the bowl played different ways. The only pleasant surprise I've experienced is that the bowls are even more complex and beautiful energetically and sonically in person. If you really want a powerful experience, find a "Double Blue" bowl you like. These "double blues" are extra special pieces which you can hear and feel. I experienced this recently myself when I purchased my first double blue for my chakra set.

Shakti has an affinity and a gift for putting these bowls together in harmonious sets. She has been patient and committed to helping me put together multiple bowls that sing together and work together well. This is not an easy task as these bowls were never created to any western standard of pitch. Her experience and innate energetic understanding of these instruments comes through as she creates a set.

Any one bowl I have is, in itself, a healing and mesmerizing experience, and I often pick just one bowl to play at a time for its specific qualities and beauty. But it is also wonderful to play these in concert with one another. The interaction brings a whole new dimension to the experience!

I've found that you don't so much become an owner of these bowls as you do a steward--a care taker of the bowl and its wisdom. It is not just sound that they emit--it is energy that is felt as clearly as heard.

These handmade antique instruments have lasted, and will last, more than several of our lifetimes. If I'm going to purchase something of heirloom quality I want the best, and Bodhisattva has delivered that for me. My experience is that you get what you pay for here."

Keith S.

Granada Hills, CA

"I am new to sound healing and singing bowls. I am a retired sociology professor who has been also involved with spiritual healing for about 35 years. My work has been in two African traditions: Palo Mayombe (a Kongo tradition) and Ifa (a Yoruba divination/diagnostic tradition that heals through ritual action). After a visit to China in 1975, I studied acupuncture, apprenticed at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx and added acupuncture to my practice.

Then Last year I was introduced to sound healing by my friend Alexandre. I was immediately entranced and wanted to add this modality to my practice. Alexandre insisted that the only place to acquire Tibetan singing bowls was Bodhisattva Trading and that I should contact Shakti. What a blessing! Shakti's guidance and enthusiastic help with choosing bowls has gently opened for me the stargate of sound/tone healing. The bowls (high walls and low walls) have already enhanced my work with folks I work with. My wife, children and grandchildren love the bowls and the atmosphere they create in our homes. The folks I work with would not normally be exposed to these marvelous tools for reasons that have to do with class and race. I live in New York City so I've had opportunities to hear singing bowls bought from other places. I can honestly say that for my ears there is no comparison to the quality of the bowls from Bodhisattva. I couldn't be more pleased with the bowls that Shakti chose for me and with the response of folks who had never experienced these magical tones. Shakti, thank you, thank you, thank you."

C. Awolowo Johnson
Harlem, New York 

Thank you so much for the beautiful singing bowl. I am very pleased with this purchase as well as my patients in my private practice. The most common question, "Where did you get this?"

I will surely pass the word that your company handles the most authentic Tibetan Buddhist materials.

Thank you,

Fritzi Winter

Loves, Loves, Loves!
Georgia W. San Rafael, CA


I just wanted to make contact with you.  To thank you. I love my bowl.  This was the perfect choice for me, thanks to you. Thanks to the workings of the Universe.


 Many blessings to you.



The bowl arrived today in perfect condition. It is as wonderful as I had hoped. Thank you.

Paul A.

Hadlyme, CT

"Although sound starting points, but there is an infinity more to these singing bowls than what can appear on a website or in a MP4 file. I am grateful for Shakti's devotion to these sacred objects and her masterful ability to unite them with seeker and steward."

Matthew T. 

Austin, TX

Shakti is very knowledgeable about both Tibetan singing bowls, sound healing and music. Her company, Bodhisattva Trading Company, has a beautiful selection of the best quality Tibetan singing bowls!! She has become a valued resource in helping me obtain the sound healing instruments I was seeking for my sound healing and yoga classes.  

Tibetan singing bowls play several notes, which can make selecting multiple bowls to play together very difficult to pick out correctly.  I have made several attempts and ended up with sonic mismatches before coming across Shakti's site.  Now I am the proud owner of two wonderful sets (one contemporary and one antique) of amazing, rich sounding bowls which I play weekly at the yoga studio where I teach.  Tibetan bowls are a sonic investment and if you want to be sure to get a quality product, this is the place! Thank you Shakti! 

Tashi V., Solana Beach, CA

Robin R., Kent, IL

My cat (Phadra) had a sudden stroke last Wednesday night, so I've spent the past 5 days holding space for her as I decided to put her to sleep.  She was 15+ years old and had an extraordinary life. In the midst of Pharda's struggles for the past 5 days, she would yell at me to go into the meditation room and play the singing bowls for her.  Nothing like being yelled at by a cat at 3AM in the morning as she would be sitting next to them waiting for me to play them.  The sounds where very soothing to her and would help her sleep....there is definitely something to be said for sound energy healing as I could see her body relax as the bowls were played.  So thank you so much for selecting the original set of bowls for me as I never planned on using them this way...for a cat's final days.

I have attached a link to a video I took of Pharda and the singing bowls 1+ months ago.  Sadly I will never get her picking which bowls to play on video...but she has taught me well....🤔

Thanks again for having the gift for selecting the perfect set of bowls.

Robin R., Kent, IL

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